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    I never thought I would ever write a review singing the praises of a dentist...I certainly have never wanted to before so I just wish that I'd found them years ago. Like many others I'm not a great fan of visiting the dentist but I can't recommend them all here highly enough. Kal is amazing, so kind, so calm and so thorough, and the staff … More and receptionists are absolutely lovely. It's no longer something I dread and it's all thanks to them. What a fabulous team!

Out Of Hours Emergency Dentist For Cannock & Walsall

If you need a dentist in an emergency in Walsall near Cannock, Cheslyn Hay Dental Practice is here to help. We offer same-day emergency dental care because we understand the tremendous amount of pain that toothache can cause. Furthermore, seeing a dentist straight away is vital to preventing further problems.

Registered or non-registered patients of the practice, our out-of-hours dentist is here for you. We have the policy to offer you a same-day emergency appointment if possible. Our urgent emergency dental care service is your lifeline if you have:

  • An abscess inside your mouth, usually following an oral infection
  • Excessive bleeding from the location of a recent extraction
  • A broken or cracked and painful tooth
  • The loss of a tooth following an accident
  • A need for an emergency tooth removal

If you are searching for an out-of-hours emergency dentist, we can offer the specialised treatment and care you need. As a private emergency dentist, our team is also highly trained in the care of nervous or anxious patients.

Comprehensive Emergency Dental Services

Our dental service extends beyond regular hours to ensure you get the emergency dental treatment you need. We understand that dental emergencies can happen at any time, and our emergency dental services are designed to provide immediate relief and effective solutions. Whether you’re dealing with severe pain or an unexpected dental issue, our dentist emergency services are here to help.

Why Choose Cheslyn Hay Dental Practice For Emergency Dental Care?

  • Same-Day Appointments: We prioritise your urgent dental needs with same-day emergency appointments.
  • Expert Care: Our team is experienced in providing emergency dental treatment for various issues, ensuring you receive the best care possible.
  • Nervous Patients: We specialise in caring for nervous or anxious patients, making sure your experience is as comfortable as possible.

For reliable emergency dental care, contact our emergency dentist in Walsall near Cannock. Trust Cheslyn Hay Dental Practice for your urgent dental needs.

Common Dental Emergency Questions

What Can You Expect?

When you choose Cheslyn Hay Dental Practise, our emergency dental care offers:

  • Patient treatment with empathy and professionalism
  • A full diagnosis of the issue will be presented for treatment and a further care plan
  • A calm and relaxing environment to help ease any apprehension
  • Referral to specialist services where required, while also providing temporary relief from the dental pain presented
How Much Does A Private Emergency Dentist Cost?

Cheslyn Hay Dental Practice is a fully private dental surgery. The cost for any emergency dental care would carry an initial fee of £60 plus any additional treatment costs. For example, an extraction starts from £120 (please note these prices are for guidance). We always discuss the cost of treatment before moving forward with any procedures. You can also take advantage of our DenPlan Essentials scheme. If you have a dental emergency out of hours, please call our helpline on 01922 414372.

What Are Examples Of A Dental Emergency?

You should contact an emergency dentist straight away if you are experiencing uncontrollable bleeding, swellings in or around the mouth, or a rapid increase in swelling. If you have knocked out a tooth, then this is a scenario where you should contact an emergency dentist. A knocked-out tooth can also include impacted tooth loss.

A second emergency scenario that warrants urgent attention is an acute dental infection where the pain cannot be controlled using over-the-counter pain killers. This may also include painful abscesses.

Examples of a non-dental emergency include dental conditions with no pain, broken dentures, and conditions where surgical tooth extraction is needed, but you are in no pain. You should not contact an emergency dentist for aesthetic problems, such as dislodged bridges or crowns, minor toothache, sensitive teeth, denture discomfort, or sensitive gums.

Why Is Emergency Dentistry Important?

Dental emergencies can be frightening and painful, and they require immediate attention to prevent further damage to the teeth and gums. Seeking emergency dental care can alleviate pain, stop bleeding, and save damaged or lost teeth.

Emergency dental care is essential for maintaining good oral health and preventing more severe dental problems. For example, a cracked tooth can lead to infection or further damage if left untreated. A knocked-out tooth can be re-implanted if addressed quickly, but it may be lost permanently if left untreated for too long.

What Should You Do If You Have A Dental Emergency?

If you need an emergency dentist outside of our regular working hours, you should contact Cheslyn Hay Dental.

If you have sustained a trauma that has knocked out a tooth, find the tooth and try to insert it. However, do not try to reinsert baby teeth.

If you have chipped a tooth or have a broken tooth, this is not a dental emergency. Store the tooth in milk and see the dentist as soon as you can, in normal working hours. If you have cracked a tooth, you can clean your mouth with warm water.

Cheslyn Hay Dental Practice has an emergency dentist ready to help.

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