Keep Your Mouth Fresh, Clean & Kissable This Valentine’s Day

Nothing beats a good smooch. Whether you are new in a relationship or been together since flares were in fashion, kissing is incredible. Nothing beats it. Nothing that is except bad breath. Bad breath is a total passion killer. Bad breath and being a poor kisser are two of the biggest turn offs for people looking for love. But while we are not going to give you any advice on how to brush up on your kissing technique today, we are going to help you eradicate the lingering whiff that could derail your romantic plans.

There are numerous factors that can affect the smell of your breath. The first and most obvious one is food. Some foods are more odious and carry a longer lasting smell than others. The main culprits are garlic, some cheeses, curries, spicy foods and onions alongside other beverages like coffee. They may taste incredible and satisfy your appetite, but they may not have the same appeal to your potential date.

With most foods, the smell will eventually go and you can rekindle the passion. However, there may be other issues affecting your breath.

The second one is smoking. If you are a smoker, your breath is going to smell. Hollywood and the advertising industry may like to promote smoking as cool and sexy, but trust me, there’s nothing cool and sexy about kissing an ashtray. Quit smoking or at least adopt the use of sugar-free gum and mouthwash.

Poor dental hygiene, oral infections, underlying health problems, ill-fitting braces, allergies, illness and use of medications could also impact on the fragrance of your breath. The only way to get to the root cause of the issue is to book an appointment with your dentist.

At Cheslyn Hay Dental Practice, our dentists are professionally trained and we care passionately about the state of your mouth, gums and teeth. We can identify the issues that could be affecting your mouth. This could include the onset of gum disease, gingivitis, loose dentures, an oral infection or simply a build up of plaque. We will take an in-depth look into the health of your mouth and identify any areas that may need our attention.

Don’t let bad breath derail your romantic plans this Valentine’s Day. With a routine and thorough brushing and cleaning regime, you can do your bit to keep your mouth fresh, clean and kissable.

If you need any additional assistance, we are always ready to help. Book an appointment today.