What a Tooth Extraction Involves

Your dentist may recommend a tooth extraction for various reasons but only when this is the best or only option. Tooth extraction is still reasonably common in dental practices, but dentists only carry out dental removal when the tooth cannot be saved.

If the tooth hurts, then you will likely be keen to have it removed to alleviate discomfort and eliminate pain. Understandably, you may feel nervous or anxious, but the treatment only takes a few minutes, and we can reassure you that the experience is not painful.


When Do You Need A Tooth Extraction?

You may need a tooth extraction for several reasons. You may have overcrowding and require this treatment for cosmetic reasons. Alternatively, you may have severe tooth decay, gum disease, injury, or an abscess.

Adults sometimes need emergency wisdom tooth removal when there is not enough room for these teeth to emerge, resulting in an impacted or partially impacted tooth. You might also need a same-day emergency appointment and emergency tooth removal when an injury results in painful or cracked teeth. If you need an emergency tooth extraction, contact Cheslyn Hay straight away.


What Does A Tooth Extraction Involve

The dentist will numb the area using a local anaesthetic to ensure you do not feel any pain during the tooth extraction. As the dentist gently removes the tooth, you may feel slight pressure.

Following the tooth extraction, you may feel temporary numbness or tingling. You can take over the counter painkillers if you need and you can soothe any swelling with a cold compress.

It is best to avoid strenuous activity, using mouthwash, and eating hot food for 24 hours. After 24-hours, you can rinse your mouth with a mixture of one teaspoon of salt in a glass of water three or four times a day. Be careful not to dislodge the blood clot while eating or cleaning your teeth and avoid smoking, which slows down the healing process.

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