What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover will improve the appearance of your smile through cosmetic dental treatments. These procedures are extremely popular and a great way to boost your confidence and create a more youthful appearance. 
The smile makeover and recommended treatments are customised to you. They consider the appearance of your face, including your hair colour, skin tone, and lips. The dentist will also assess your gum tissue’s health and appearance and the colour, shape, length, and width of your teeth. 
It is important to let the dentist know what you dislike about your smile. Maybe you have crooked or overlapping teeth and need teeth straightening. You might have gaps between your teeth or have teeth with different lengths, which ruin your smile line. 
The dentist will listen to you about your goals and can discuss options for issues such as missing, cracked, or chipped teeth. There is a solution to every problem, including creating the right proportions between teeth. In today’s modern world, anyone can find the right balance that makes a dream smile and perfect dental aesthetic. 


Dental Treatments

Dental treatments begin with a consultation that assesses your existing oral health, gum health, and your teeth’s long-term health to ensure you get the healthiest smile. The cost of any treatment is explained before you make a final treatment decision.  
Cosmetic dental treatments for the smile makeover may include recommendations for porcelain veneers, tooth implants, bridges, crowns, or partial dentures. Composite bonding may be appropriate where the dentist adds layers of white filling to transform your smile in a couple of hours. 
You can opt for teeth whitening to improve the stained appearance of your teeth. Alternatively, orthodontics (braces) or transparent aligners can be the tool that creates your transformation.


Maintaining results

Maintaining the results of your smile makeover becomes a joy and not a chore. The dentist will discuss the best approach to regular oral hygiene with you to keep the fantastic results. 
The dentist might recommend not using a highly abrasive toothpaste or harsh brushing technique, which can scratch or dull your teeth’s polish. The most likely recommendation is to brush twice daily and floss, which increases your treatment’s lifespan. You might also be asked to use an alcohol-free mouthwash. 
To maintain tooth brightness, you may need future sessions of teeth whitening. If you chip or break your porcelain veneers, you can arrange a repair or replacement. 

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