What To Do If You Need An Emergency Dentist Over Christmas

We understand that when you have toothache, an infection, or a damaged tooth you need a dentist as soon as possible. But what do you do if need an emergency dentist over Christmas? Research has found that the festive season is the most common time for dental injuries and pain. This is due to the fact many people indulge in food, drink, and activities outside of their normal day-to-day lives.

Knowing what to do in the interim, could help reduce pain and discomfort, reduce complications, and improve the chances of full recovery. Here at Cheslyn Hay Dental Practice we have compiled the top Christmas dental emergencies to help you over the Christmas period.

Damaged tooth

If you have bitten down too hard on a nut or perhaps tackled some Christmas crackling, you may have chipped or broken a tooth. The treatment for this all depends on the severity of the damage. However, seeing a dentist straight away is vital to prevent further problems. Once you have found an emergency dentist it is our advice to avoid biting on that area or eating too hot or cold food to prevent sensitivity.

Lost a tooth

If you have had a battle with your sibling or fought over the turkey, you might have lost a tooth. The first step is to recover the tooth if possible and remove it from any dirt or debris. It is important to protect the fibres on the root surface as this gives it a better chance of survival. If possible, put the tooth in a cup of milk to keep the root from drying out.

If your tooth has stayed in place but is now loose, keep it there until treatment is sought. It is not recommended to try and push the tooth back in place. Use a damp tissue or gauze to hold the tooth in its place and call a dentist instantly.

Lost filling, crown, or veneer

If sticky sweets or tough Christmas cake have pulled out your dental crown, veneer or filling you need to visit your dentist as soon as possible. If a filling has fallen out, remove it from your mouth to prevent choking. It does not need to be kept as your dentist will completely replace it. However, for a crown, your dentist will need to shave it down so it can be recemented as soon as possible.


There are various reasons for toothache but often it is down to infection. Painkillers can help initially, to make you feel more comfortable. However, these are not the solution a dentist still needs to be seen. As infection builds up it can spread so putting an appointment off is not recommended for long-term health. In the meantime, warm water or a specialist antiseptic mouthwash could help to rinse your mouth. Additionally, flossing the area to remove any surface food is beneficial. Following this, call your dentist who will be able to advise further and find the cause of the pain.

Damaged soft tissues, cut lip or tongue

Dental emergencies also include softer areas of your mouth. These can be damaged from being bitten, cut, or damaged as a result of something else such as a chipped tooth. If this occurs apply pressure until the bleeding stops and to stop swelling. If you can’t stop the bleeding and are losing blood, you may need to call 111 for advice.

Cheslyn Hay Dental Practice Emergency Dentist

You never know when dental accidents may occur. Here at Cheslyn Hay Dental Practice we hope you have a wonderful Christmas but if something does happen, we are here to help. For emergency dental treatment in Walsall or Cannock, we offer an out-of-hours dentist. We also have the policy to offer you a same-day emergency dental care appointment if possible. Our team is highly-trained in the care of nervous or anxious patients. Cheslyn Hay Dental Practice is a fully private dental surgery, therefore, the cost for any emergency dental care starts from an initial fee of £45. We always discuss the cost of treatment before any treatment takes place. If you have a dental emergency out of hours, please contact us on our helpline.